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*CCCC Newsletters (individual articles are regularly updated) :
  March 12, 1999 Newsletterthe Farmersville dump proposal background and:
"The Facts on Fresh Kills"
"The Threat from Flow Control Legislation"
An excerpt from the 1995 State Audit of Farmersville
Instructions for getting a full text copy of the Audit on the internet
  December 29, 1999, Newsletter includes:
West Valley Cleanup Plans Heat Up
Farmersville Town Board Acts Boldly (but then caves in)
Rural New York is already Awash in Trash
  December 15, 2001 Newsletterprogress in the permit review
  CCCC newsletters, 1998 and earlier
  CCCC Archive site`model local landfill ban laws, public comments and more

Regional news articles posted on this site:
"Town Backs Away from Landfill," Olean Times Herald, June 6, 2000 (Farmersville Town Board considers banning or further restricting landfills --but later abandons the idea)
"Farmersville move draws lawsuit," Olean Times Herald, June 15, 2000 (Farmersville Town Board enacts new restrictions on landfills --but later reverses in response to threat of lawsuit)
"Group asks county to declare landfill site a public park," Olean Times Herald, Aug. 8, 2002 (CCCC urges Catt. Co. leaders to investigate its park plan further --but later abandons plan)
"Landfill must be stopped, Snyder says," Olean Times Herald, Oct. 26, 2000 (after Farmersville repealed its landfill restrictions, Olean leaders fear watershed contamination)
"Dump will close 6 months early," Staten Island Live, Nov. 19, 2000 (New York City's Fresh Kills Landfill closes --later opens for emergency disposal of World Trade Center debris)
"Sardinia residents to hear presentation on proposed landfill expansion," Arcade Herald, Aug. 2, 2001 (Waste Management's CID Landfill plans to add 71 acres to its 51-acre dump)

Homegrown news from CCCC:
Olean privatizes garbage hauling -- contract goes to Casella (includes a link to our letter to Olean's Mayor and Common Council, dated Feb. 9, 2000)
Angelica's Aggressive Waste Company (Casella Waste Systems)
Town of Eagle Under Siege (CID, now owned by Waste Management, Inc.)
IWS Tactics in Farmersville (Bill Heitzenrater, for IWS)
"Milestones in the Garbage War" (our struggle is part of a much larger story)

Farmersville Dump FAQs (frequently asked questions):
FAQ #1:
How big will the Farmersville dump be?
What burdens will the proposed dump create?
Isn't there a local need for waste disposal?
Hasn't the dump already been granted a permit?
Doesn't IWS have a questionable background?
Why is the review process taking so long?
FAQ #2:
What's happening with the County's Park Plan?
What's the position of the Farmersville Town Board?
What's in the works now?
FAQ #3:
Do landfills leak?

Landfills operating in western New York:
WMNY/CID in Chaffee/Sardinia (Wyoming Co.)
American Ref-Fuel in Niagara Falls (Niagara Co.)
High Acres (Monroe Co.)
WMNY/Mill Seat (Monroe Co.)
WMNY (CWM)/Modern Landfill in Lewiston (Niagara Co.)
Niagara Recycling (more than a dozen landfills in Niagara Co.)
Seneca Meadows (Seneca Co.)
Casella/Hyland Landfill in Angelica (Allegany Co.)

Active landfill proposals in western New York:
CID in Allen (Allegany Co.) defeated
Modern and CID in Eagle (Wyoming Co.)
IWS in Farmersville (Cattaraugus Co.)
WMNY in Albion (Orleans Co.)
WMNY in Chaffee/Sardinia expansion
Seneca Meadows expansion (Seneca Co.)
              Casella/Hyland Landfill expansion (Allegany Co.)
Akso Salt mines in Retsof and Hampton Corners (York,
Geneseo, and Livingston County Cos.)
Town of Ava (Oneida Co.)
Town of Brant (Erie Co.) defeated
Great Valley landfill proposal defeated

The West Valley high-level nuclear and hazardous dump site, and nuclear waste issues:
Backgrounder on the West Valley site
Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) proposed cleanup standards for
radiation exposure
--includes links to public comments submitted by EPA, NYSERDA, DOE,
League of Women Voters,
CCCC, and the Coalition on West Valley Nuclear Wastes.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards vs. NRC standards
DOE's interim use of kitty litter to soak up strontium-90 in the site's groundwater
NRC's Yucca Mountain Nuclear Dump Plan (12/6/99)

Where is Farmersville?
Maps of  New York State, western New York, and Farmersville
Map of western New York's landfills and landfill proposals
The Seneca Nation of IndiansThe Nation has three reservations nearby.
The Allegheny RiverFrom its headwaters in Pennsylvania, the Allegheny pushes north into NewYork State, forming an  oxbow before plunging south to Pittsburgh; the Farmersville area watershed provides an important source of Allegheny River waters at the oxbow.

Updates on other New York landfills:
Al Turi Landfill expansion proposal (Orange Co.) 

New York State, New York City and national  waste policies:
The Facts on Fresh Kills    (updated 2/25/2001)
Awash in Trash: waste capacity in New York State(updated 2/8/2001)  Waste crisis? New York has left one-third of its landfill space unused every year since 1992
Flow Control Legislation?(updated 2/25/2001)  The wind has been knocked out of the sails of the flow control debate; market forces prevail, so citizens should fight it out in the open society, the American way. (See also "Commerce Clause," below.)
"Comments on NYC's Draft Solid Waste Management Plan"(4/99) Here's a brief version of the comments CCCC submitted on New York City's plan to "export" all its garbage--and forget about reducing its waste. 
Comments on the Draft Scoping Document for the New York City Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan Draft Environmental Impact Statement(4/23/99) The full text of CCCC's comments, submitted to New York City Department of Sanitation Director Martha Hirst.
Exchange between New York City's Deputy Mayor & Cattaraugus County Legislature Chairman Jess Fitzpatrick (5/19/99)  Mayor Giuliani's office says counties aren't "communities" for  purposes of  the City's "consent" policy.
Commerce Clause as applied to Solid Waste(5/22/00) A legal developments review from the State of Maine's Solid Waste Task Force Report, dated Sept., 1999 (Acrobat PDF file, 524K).

Other important solid waste policy topics:
Toronto eyes upstate NY for new landfill space (9/10/99)
Landfill Gas RulesRecent regulations impose strict and costly requirements on large landfills, and most faciltities in New York are violating the rules.
How A Town Stops An Unwanted Waste FacilityA successful defense by the Town of Root against a lawsuit brought by Casella associate Robert Gerhard III is a lesson to all New York rural citizens.
Kodak in Rochester: New York's biggest polluter

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