updated 3/7/2011

public comments submitted to the DEC

petitions filed for party status

issues conference schedule

basic background on the dump proposal

why the Farmersville town board tried but failed in 2000 to stop the dump

why we want the town board to rescind its landfill law

Bill Heitzenrater's shady tactics: lies, lawsuits, and generous payments to a town attorney

timetable for IWS's application for a state permit

New York City tells Jess Fitzpatrick: we don't need your consent to dump on Cattaraugus County

Town of Farmersville's contract with IWS (571K PDF)

NYS Dept. of State legal opinion: Farmersville's royalties may violate the law (240K PDF)

NYS Comptroller audit: Farmersville mishandled funds from IWS in 1994 (485K PDF)

Finger Lakes Trail passes by IWS dump site



Cattaraugus County took title to the landfill site after IWS failed to pay nearly $400,000 in back taxes: is this the end? (Buffalo News,
Jan. 10, 2008;
Times Herald of Olean, Jan. 11, 2008)

Allied Waste expressed interest in purchasing IWS's interest in the dump project, but ultimately elected not to get involved
(Buffalo News,
Sept. 8, 2007)

Bill Heitzenrater speaks
Times Herald,
Sept. 11, 2007)

(where we left off in 2005)
Thanks to the Cattaraugus County Legislature,
the dump is dead.

Bill Heitzenrater's lawsuit against the County for taking the land proposed for the IWS landfill has been dismissed. Let's remain vigilant in protecting the Ischua Valley Aquifer that would have put at great risk by this proposal.
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