Farmersville landfill proposal

Where we left off in 2005:

A motion brought by Chautauqua County to reopen the DEC 1996 site approval was denied in October, 2005. (See news story, Times Herald of Olean)

On July 9, 2004, Judge Casutto canceled the issues conference after ordering IWS to produce eight new studies of air and water impacts.

Also in July, 2004, DEC Staff decided two new water-related permits would be required.

On August 27, 2004, Judge Casutto notified the petitioners that IWS applications for the new wetlands and water discharge permits require a new public comment period, and another opportunity for interested parties to file petitions proposing new issues related to wetlands and downstream impacts.

Over 600 citizens attended each of four hearings held at the Franklinville Fire Hall (March 31) and the Allegany Community Center
(188 W. Main St. in the Village) (March 30).
An issues conference was held on April 27 and 28 at the Machias Fire Hall but had to be adjourned to July 20 after the judge ordered IWS to prepare additional studies and disclose data used in its application to
intervenor parties.

Where does IWS get the money to keep it up? In a bankruptcy proceeding they  emerged from in 2003, IWS disclosed it owes URS Greiner, the firm preparing its permit application, over one million dollars.

The multi-volume IWS application is no longer available on the
IWS website. However, copies of the application are still available in the Olean Public Library (372-0200), the DEC's Allegany office and the Franklinville and Farmersville town halls. CCCC will make a CD copy of the entire application available to anyone free of charge
on request.But you can still obtain many of the application materials from the link to "IWS documents" at the link immediately below.

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