The Comptroller's audit was filed September 26, 1997, and covers the handling of the financial affairs of the Town from January 1, 1995 to December 31, 1995. We've converted it into Acrobat Reader format here, for direct download (483K PDF).

You can use the directions below to obtain Comptroller's audits of other towns, cities and counties in New York State.

At least six links must be followed from the Comptroller's Home Page to reach the audit. Even then, the full text is available only in Envoy format. This means you must download the Envoy viewer, available at this link. In Netscape the plug-in finder will launch, and you'll be directed to the free plug-in Envoy viewer. The Comptroller's page will also direct you to download viewer, at the end of the series of links below. Once you've got the viewer, you can print the full audit or read it off-line on your computer.

If you already have an Envoy viewer installed on your computer you can go directly to the full audit with a click on the last link listed below.

The "START" button below takes you to the Comptroller's Home Page, after which you must click on the following series of links:

--Audits of Local Governments

--Individual Local Government Audits




--"Complete Audit in Envoy Format" link is at the bottom of the summary page on Farmersville.
You can use snail-mail to get the full audit, too: write to Buffalo Area Office, Office of the State Comptroller,  1050 Ellicott Square Building, 295 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y. 14203. Ask for Report 97M-246 on the town of Farmersville. Or call the Buffalo office at (716) 847-3647.   And tell us how you made out!
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