Comments on
the Farmersville Landfill Proposal
Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County
Over 1,000 comments were submitted by the public to the DEC by January 2, the comment period deadline, March 31, 2004. Over 1,000 people overwhelmingly opposed to the proposal attended the March 30 and 31 hearings.

Some comments submitted are available from the links on the left. (Those commenters who sent letters may supplement their comments with new letters.) As we obtain copies of other comments, we'll post them too.

Some comments that were made during the earlier conceptual review phase of the IWS application, which concluded in 1996, are available from the links immediately below, together with a summary of the comment.

Charlie Wilson, Town of Franklinville Supervisor, letter to Don Winship, Catt. Co. Legislature Chairman dated Nov. 8, 1991

Mr. Wilson notifies the county that the Town of Franklinville has passed a resolution opposing the IWS landfill proposal.

Richard Haberer, Catt. Co. Legislature (District 5), letter to DEC dated March 23, 1992

Mr. Haberer feels the county will have to pay for cleanup costs after IWS goes broke or gets shuts down.

Then NYS-Assemblyman Maurice Hinchey, letter to DEC Commissioner dated April 2, 1992

Mr. Hinchey details criminal indictments, violations of environmental permits and regulations, and allegations of fraud and racketeering against IWS upper management.

Richard Wachter, Franklinville Central School Superintendent, letter to NYS Senator Jess Present dated Feb. 19, 1993

Mr. Wachter is alarmed that students moving from building to building in Franklinville would have face "an accident waiting to happen" as a result of increased traffic from garbage trucks.

Jess Fitzpatrick, Catt. Co. Legislature (District 5), letter to Richard Wachter dated Feb. 22, 1993

Mr. Fitzpatrick responds to Mr. Wachter's letter of Feb. 19, 1993, expressing opposition to the IWS landfill proposal, which he thinks is really "a sham," and pledging the county's continued efforts to oppose the proposal.

Jess Fitzpatrick, Catt. Co. Legislature Chairman, letter to New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani dated May 12, 1999 pg1  pg2

Mr. Fitzpatrick asks the Mayor for a commitment to his promise not to send New York City's garbage to any community that does not agree to take it, and notes that Cattaraugus County does not want it.

Deputy New York City Mayor Joseph Lhota (for Mayor Giuliani), letter to Jess Fitzpatrick dated May 19, 1999

Deputy Mayor Lhota responds to Mr. Fitzpatrick that it's up to the  the local town that contracts to host the garbage and the private landfill company that wants to take it. That's enough to comply with New York City's policy not to send its garbage to unwilling communities.


Municipal Objectors (Cattaragus County, City of Olean, Village of Franklinville)
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Olean Mayor Quinlan (314K)

Citizens' Environmental Coalition (17K)

Town of Farmersville (215K)

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Chautauqua County Dept. Public Works

New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling


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