Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County
Concerned Citizens is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) corporation formed in 1991 in New York State. Our work includes researching and distributing factual information about environmental risks to rural communities in Cattaraugus County and Western New York, and to our friends everywhere. Membership is open to the public.

Contributions and comments should be sent to CCCC, Box 93, St. Bonaventure NY 14778, or email us here:

Our Mission: To assure Cattaraugus County's air,
soil, water and environment is clean and healthful, and to
advocate with the public and governments that policies be
implemented and that laws be passed to assure such a clean
and healthful environment; to assure that local, state and
federal environmental protection laws are enforced; to
encourage skills for citizen advocacy for a clean and
healthful environment.
Members of Concerned Citizens sit on the Cattaraugus County Legislature's Farmersville Task Force and the Cattaraugus County Soil and Water Conservation District. Membership is open to residents of Cattaraugus County, owners of  property in Cattaraugus County, those who live nearby ouside the county, and to our friends anywhere.

Our organization is also affiliated with Citizens Environmental Coalition (Albany) and Citizens  Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste (Arlington, VA). We want to reach out to concerned citizens throughout western New York, including our friends in Allegany County, trying to gain control of local waste management.

Our goal is to keep the public armed with information not generally distributed by government officials or private corporations. Please help us in this effort. Membership dues will pay for ongoing review of NYSDEC's processing of the IWS application for a landfill permit in Farmersville, and help show potential grant funders the depth of public support for our mission.

Please use our Member/Giving Form, linked to the right. But don't forget to include your address for our mailing list, and contact us if you ever move. If you want to volunteer, include your phone number in your response.
(October 2013)

Kathy Boser of Allegany
(President, Interim Treasurer)

Barry Miller of Olean
(Vice President)

Karen Mosman of Allegany

Paula Vance of Allegany
(Assistane Treasurer)

Hal Jacobi of Olean

Gary Green of Farmersville

Mike Lippert of Limestone


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