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CID is moving back into Eagle
Modern Landfill is already suing the town, now CID is trying to get the Town of Eagle to deal with them. Both are fanning the flames of speculation over where New York City's garbage will go. Will some of it go the Village of Bliss in Eagle? (click here for background)
On September 16, 1999, the Eagle Town Board held a work session for local citizens, setting the issues the board think the CID-Modern contest presents. This is much the same as occurred a few years ago, when Modern and CID first submitted competing proposals to the town. Each garbage company offers a package of  financial and environmental benefits. Neither, so as we can tell, offers to go beyond the minimum environmental protections provided under DEC regulations.

The citizens and the town board must be mindful that, however much money they can get, they can also insist on more monitoring wells than the state regulations require, more on-site human monitors (the town should retain the power to select one or more: see what happened recently at Seneca Meadows), assurances that financial responsibility for clean-up costs will not evaporate after 30 years (as they do under state regulations; a perpetual bond of an adequate amount would be appropriate), and meaningful response plans should one of the monitoring wells detect groundwater contamination (local Fire and EMS teams should be a part of any such planning; click here for local info).

The Eagle Town Board will hold a public hearing on the issues on October 7, 1999, at 8:00 the Rita George Memorial Recreation Hall in Bliss. Everyone will have an opportunity to tell the board what they think. Be there.
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