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Vol. 8, No. 2 (December 29, 1999 and regularly updated)
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Vol. 8, No. 1 (March 12, 1999):
  The Facts on Fresh Kills Landfill
  The Threat from Flow Control
  1995 State Comptroller's Audit of the
         Town of Famersville

Vol. 7, No. 2 (August 4, 1997):
  Allen Town board Refuses to Rescind
         Local Landfill Ban Law
  Angelica Gets a New Solid Waste
  Landfills are Getting More Toxic

More Back Issues:
  Follow the history of western New York's
struggle to save its land, water, and air
as the gap between rural and urban
waste reduction rates widens
IWS Tactics in Farmersville
Bill Heizenrater mailed a job offer and promise of riches to all Farmersville residents right after Christmas
About us . . .
CCCC's current officers and Board of Directors, including email addresses
Farmersville Town Board Acts Boldly
a proposed new landfill law in Farmersville should be met with considerable skepticism: we don't think it will work UPDATED

Time-Table for DEC Permit Review of the Farmersville Landfill Proposal
IWS still has not submitted a complete application for a state permit; here's the stages we've gone through and those we project for the months ahead  UPDATED

We are Already Awash in Trash
New York State's policy to increase landfill space doesn't make sense  UPDATED
New York City's Garbage Plan
Giuliani wants a Farmersville dump, and he's ready to forget about the City's policy not to send garbage to unwilling communities  UPDATED

Angelica's Aggressive Waste Company
Since being purchased by Casella Waste Systems of Rutland, VT, the Hyland Landfill has sued the Town of Angelica; Casella now has 136 garbage dumps and waste facilities.  UPDATED
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is seeking to set radiation exposure standards for the West Valley nuclear waste site, but we think the standards don't address cleanup of the entire site, the only way to protect people from health hazards. West Valley is the most polluted site in Cattaraugus County; without an adequate cleanup plan we fear it will attract even more nuclear waste. Click on the image above for the story. UPDATED

Town of Eagle Under Siege Again
Modern Landfill of Lewiston is suing Eagle, and now CID is moving in;  both companies want permission from the Town to build a commercial landfill

Towns across New York are being sued into submission by predatory waste companies speculating on where New York City's garbage will go. The events covered in this and previous newsletters show that fear and lack of resources, not law, make towns cave in to such tactics.
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Franklinville NY 14737
Where the Landfills Are
maps showing the concentration of landfills in the western corner of New York State (DEC Regions 8 and 9)
frequently asked questions on the Farmersville landfill proposal, and on landfills generally (follow the links)
New York City's Fresh Kills Landfill to Close
learn why the failure of NYC to address its own garbage problem means we get dumped on
CCCC's Analysis of the New York City Garbage "Export" Plan
since the City's Sanitation Dept. decided communities  outside the city limits that might have to host their garbage  were not "environmental impacts," our formal comments on the City's Solid Waste Management Plan largely fell on deaf ears; but you can read what we had to say here
Toronto eyes western New York for a place to dump its garbage
West Valley cleanup plans heat up
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