Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County, Inc.
August 4, 1997
Allen Town Board Refuses to Rescind Its Local Ban Law: All it takes is a little stamina, because in New York towns have the power to just say no.
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Farmersville Update: Why won't these guys just go away?
Victory in Allen Shows the Power of the Local Ban Law
The Cattaraugus County Legislature  passed resolutions in 1996 urging each Town in the county to enact a local ordinance banning landfills within the town. This is clearly the most powerful technique for preventing the exploitation of local land resources by large merchant garbage companies servicing far-away metropolitan needs and providing few benefits to the region around the town hosting a garbage dump. Local landfill ban laws are nearly unassailable, as Allen's experience clearly shows.
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Angelica May Get a New Solid Waste Dump: After the Hyland company couldn't get off the ground with an incinerator ash dump, they decided to ask the DEC ofr a modification allowing the company to put garbage into the ground.  UPDATED
Landfills are Getting More Toxic All the Time: With all the good stuff taken out, the concentration of toxic substances in garbage is substantially greater than in the old days.
Free Groundwater Workshop: Municipalities can take advantage of expert advice for free.
CCCC Annual Meeting  (see below)
Allen Town Board Refuses to Rescind Its Local Ban Law
Farmersville Update
Angelica May Get a New Solid Waste Dump
Landfills are Getting More Toxic All the Time
Free Groundwater Workshop
CCCC Annual Meeting

The 1997 Annual Meeting was held June 6, electing new Board members as follows: President Mike DeSha (Franklinville, NY)--V.P. Glen Chambers (Hinsdale, NY)--Secretary Gary Abraham (Allegany, NY)--Treasurer Romy Knittel (Cuba, NY)--other new Board Members: Gary Green (Farmersville, NY)--Reeder Silloway (Olean, NY)--Don Farrington (Franklinville, NY).

Next meeting: August 25, 7:30 P.M., Farmersville Town Hall (off Route 98).
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Follow the history of western New York's struggle to save its land, water, and air as the gap between rural and urban waste reduction rates widens.
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