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Greak Lakes Environmental Directory

Locate elected local, state and federal officials by zip code.

Follow the money trail to NY legislators with
  Albany Times Union's search engine.

Western Southern Tier cleanup sites

Find toxic sites in your neighborhood

NY Attorney General's Citizens Guide to
Pesticide Notification Laws in New York State

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Hyland Landfill seeks increase waste acceptance rate to take PA fracking wastes

CCCC Backgrounder and the
Water Sentinels Program

Radioactivity in Marcellus Shale wastes

NY landowners denied homeowners insurance because of gas well

important resources for landowners considering leasing to gas companies

"[A] total ban on the extraction of natural resources is permissible,"
so say two NY courts

Waste watch

Cleanup of Scott Rotary Seals site on Franklin St. in Olean

How & why we waste:
The Story of  Stuff

New York bans burn barrels


Over 90% of New York's waste disposal capacity is located in central and western NY  --maps and links to the landfills

Nuclear waste sites are concentrated in western NY --West Valley, Tonawanda, Lake Ontario Ordnance Works

New York's only hazardous waste landfill is located in western NY --Chemical Waste Management

Health effects of living near a landfill --leaks, fires, stability, landfill gas

New York State recycles 40% of its waste on average, but that could be 85% --zero waste policies, recycling initiatives, alternatives to toxic products

In New York, municipal governments hosting private waste facilities can be liable for future cleanup costs --municipal liability, local landfill ban laws, local flow control laws


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Wind energy planning:

"They look for relatively poor areas that display the desired population demographic — farmers with large landholdings and newcomers with large incomes — and then they pit the two constituencies against each other."

--Stanley Fish
Wind farm watch

Randolph turns away Iberdrola wind project

Everpower abandons Allegany wind farm proposal

CCCC's Backgrounder: what you need to know to assess wind energy's pro's and con's

what do three wind turbines sound like
one-third of a mile away?

New York State's wind wars

NY Article 10 regulations finalized

new study by Civitas (UK) concludes that wind energy raises the cost of power and fails to decrease CO2 emissions

federal agencies question "the economic integrity of government support for renewables," says memo to Obama