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On June 18, 2003, Benderson Development Company began clear-cutting on 17 acres of land bordering the Allegheny River Valley Trail. Olean's Mayor Bill Quinlan issued a stop-work order late on June 24 because the company violated the city's timber harvesting law, prohibiting clear-cutting in the city. By then Benderson had clear-cut the interior of the 17-acre forest and in some places right up to the Trail.

Had Benderson obtained a harvesting permit from the Common Council, a restoration "consistent with acceptable forestry practice and sound environment consideration" would be required. However, because no permit was ever issued, it appears there will be no restoration.

In February, 2005, Giardini Bros. Construction Co. proposed adding a total of 88.50 acres to the Giardini Brothers' Gravel Pit (formerly Rehler Gravel Pit) currently permitted for 20.5 acres in the Town of Allegany. The expansion consists of 52.52 acres west of Gargoyle Road in the Town of Allegany (West Site), and on the east side of Gargoyle Road, east of the City of Olean's fire company training area (East Site), 26.68 acres in the Town of Allegany and 13.30 acres in the City of Olean. The Trail crosses the southwest corner of the West Site and gravel mining operations would reach within 125 feet of the Trail.

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