Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County

Eminent domain to take private property for commercial wind farms

As more and more people learn about the dark side of industrial wind farms, some are refusing to sell easements to the wind developers. In response, developers have threatened to use eminent domain get the town hosting their project to use it. Such threats have been made in Oswego County to obtain transmission line easements for the propose Galoo Islands wind farm.

In Prattsburgh (Steuben Co.) in central New York, UPC/First Wind has prevailed on the town board, especially the Town Supervisor who has been paid by the company in the past, to commence condemnation proceedings against private landowners in the town so the developer can get the transmission lines it needs for a new wind farm.

For updated information on this subject, see our page on wind turbine noise for a discussion of local laws that try to put some limits on large-scale wind and solar farms.