updated 4/22/2013
West Valley Nuclear Dump Sites

Nuclear Infomation & Resource Service

Coalition on West Valley "Dig It Up" Campaign

West Valley Citizen Task Force

Basic background on West Valley

Background on the NRC's Decommissioning process

NRC and EPA exposure health standards compared

DOE's plan to split the West Valley EIS in two

comments on DOE's plan

Zoar Valley Nature Society

References & links

"Group wants to revive lawsuit over West Valley cleanup," Times Herald (Olean, NY),  July 19, 2003

Where will the waste go? Recycling radioactive waste into consumer products and building materials without the knowledge or consent of the public (from Public Citizen)

Basic background on the proposed national dump at Yucca Mountain

Why Yucca Mountain is not the solution (Scientific American, March 2003)

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