See also our explanatory note on EPA vs. NRC exposure standards. Below you will find the list of documents (with links) referred to (by number in square brackets) in both the explanatory note and on our "Alert" page. Links back to the main "Alert" page and elsewhere on and off our site are on the left margin of this page.


[1] NRC, Decommissioning Criteria for the West Valley Demonstration Project (M-2) and West Valley Site; Draft Policy Statement, 64 Fed.Reg. 67952 (Dec. 3, 1999). URL:

[2] Radiological Criteria for License Termination; Final Rule, 62 Fed.Reg. 39058 (July 21, 1997). (See also [6],below.) URL:

[3] NRC, Draft Regulatory Guide DG-4006, Demonstrating Compliance with the Radiological Criteria for License Termination. URL:  updated by:
Program-Specific Guidance About Service Provider Licenses - Final Report (NUREG-1556, Vol. 18) (November 2000). URL:

[4] Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM), NUREG-1575/EPA 402-R-97-016 (December 1997). URL:

[5] EPA, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, Establishment of Cleanup Levels for CERCLA Sites with Radioactive Contamination, OSWER No. 9200.4-18 (August 22, 1997) (includes attachments). URL:

[6] NRC, License Termination Rule, 10 CFR §§ 20.1401- 1406. URL: (includes links to NRC regulatory guidance documents).

[7] EPA, Technology Innovation Office, Cleaning Up the Nation's Waste Sites: Markets and Technology Trends, 1996 Edition, EPA 542-R-96-005 (April 1997). URL: (for the West Valley site, see Appendix D, Exhibit D-1).

[8] West Valley listing on EPA's "Archived" CERCLA sites. URL:

[9] EPA, Fact Sheet on the Health Effects from Ionizing Radiation, EPA 402-F-98-010 (May, 1998). URL:

[10] EPA, Health Risks From Low-Level Environmental Exposure to Radionuclides, EPA 402-R-97-014 (January, 1998). URL: (no longer available)

[11] EPA, Science Advisory Board Comments on [10], above, EPA-SAB-RAC-98-XXX (December 1998). URL:

[12] EPA's Response to Comments on [10], above, during the Public Comment Period ending April 13, 1998 (September, 1999). URL:

[13] List of EPA, Radiation & Indoor Air publications. URL:

[14] Environmental Defense Fund, "The Hazard Ranking System" (used by EPA to determine Superfund sites). URL:

Most federal agency rules (Federal Register notices), federal regulations (CFR), and federal laws (USC) are available on the Internet, in text, html (web browser), or pdf (Acrobat Reader) formats.
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