Town of Rodman trashes landfill proposal



The regional landfill in Rodman won't include the region of New England.

Today the Rodman Town Board rejected a request from the Development Authority to import trash from outside New York State.

Instead the board reiterated its previous permission to allow trash from anywhere in New York State excluding the New York City area.

The Development Authority has been pursuing a contract with Casella Waste Systems to bring trash from New England to the landfill in Rodman.

Saying that the Development Authority has been deceptive in its dealings on the landfill, the Rodman Town Board also passed resolutions:

Demanding that its rights and benefits be preserved if the landfill is sold or leased

  • Urging unspecified parties to pursue flow control laws that require all local trash to be sent to the landfill
  • Board members also expressed sentiment in favor of rescinding earlier permission to expand the original service area of the landfill.

    "I'd like to go back and have just the three counties," said town supervisor Gordon Cole.

    "Leave it just the three counties and let's take care of our own," he said.

    Development Authority officials had said that allowing trash from New England would allow it to keep tipping fees down.